images of cats that are KittyKalls customers and have enjoyed being looked after at home
All Cats Shown are KittyKalls Customers

What Is Cat Sitting?

Kitty Kalls is a cat care and feeding service. This allows cat owners to go on holiday or away for weekends and trips without upsetting their cat's routine. The cat stays at home, in familiar surroundings and KittyKalls staff call in as often as you have arranged. We will feed the cat, keep it's litter box clean, and most importantly, be human company for your feline friend. This service particularly benefits older cats who find upheaval upsetting.

Why Use KittyKalls?

KittyKalls staff have over 30 years experience caring for cats, so you can have peace of mind. We want you to have a holiday without worrying about your feline friend and our service will give you assurance that your animal is safe and well cared for, your home is visited regularly and that you'll come home to a contented cat. Kittykalls provides online logs, a short report about your cat, so that you can check up on your cat every day that you have internet access.

If you would like to discuss your cat sitting requirements call KittyKalls on 01460 298122 or .