images of cats that are KittyKalls customers and have enjoyed being looked after at home
All Cats Shown are KittyKalls Customers

How KittyKalls Works

KittyKalls will visit your cat either once or twice per day, as you arrange. We will feed your cat with the food that you have provided and ensure that your feline has clean water and sufficient wet/dry food and that bowls and the cat eating area is kept clean and tidy.

If your cat is used to being brushed or has a particular routine, let KittyKalls know and we will endeavour to maintain this so your cat is disrupted as little as possible during your absence.

If your cat uses a litter tray, this will be checked daily and strained or cleaned, as you direct, to ensure that your cat is not distressed or made uncomfortable. Please ensure that you leave a sufficient supply of cat litter prior to your departure.

Daily Updates on Your Cat

KittyKalls will, if requested, add a daily update on your cat's welfare. This update can be found in the member's area and will be a brief note to let you know that they are eating well and keeping healthy. It will look rather like this:

What a KittyKalls log looks like

If you would like to discuss your cat sitting requirements call KittyKalls on 01460 298122 or .